When the going gets tough...


Hello loves,

If you follow my blog, or instagram, you know I've been on a blogging/vlogging break for the past 2 months due to having my house taken over by a crazy litter of pitbull puppies.

During that time, I've had so many other things in my life happen as well. Emotionally, financially, physically. I've had days where I just couldn't quite bring myself to shower, or even brush my hair. I just wanted to drop in and say, life is never perfect or smooth, but it's times like this that the best thing you can do for yourself is dig down deep inside yourself and find your passion in life. Figure out what your dreams and aspirations are and focus all of your energy on them. There is nothing in life, no amount of stress or setbacks that you can't come back from. Cut out the people that discourage you or make you feel inferior in any way shape or form, & surround yourself with people who inspire you and who encourage you to be whomever it is you want to be!

I'm here to say, anything is possible. Whoever you are, I'm sending love your way, I believe in you. So don't be afraid to believe in yourself, and LOVE yourself. It's the absolute best thing you could ever do for yourself!

While I'm here, I'll mention, the puppies will be going home next weekend so I'll be getting back into writing, filming, testing products, maybe even starting to do some daily vlogs, so I'm very excited to get my free time back! :)

Heather Lee


A Quick Update!

Holy bananas!

I have not sat down to type or film anything in hot minute... or five! I am so sorry... but as you can see, these things have been growing like weeds. I have been so busy feeding, mopping, and playing... that between work and these precious babies, I have had zero free time!

They are just about 5 weeks old now, so that means about 3.5 weeks more and they'll be going home to their new families. So far we have found 5 possibly puppy parents to take on these sweet babies and it's a task finding 5 more that are the right fit. We are doing our best to keep these puppies healthy, and to make sure they make their way to good homes, so please forgive my absence these past couple weeks! My hands have been full. The bags under my eyes are plenty proof, but, I don't think I'll share a photo of those. Instead I'll just leave you with a few images of these precious babes. Check out my IG for a few short videos and other pictures of these guys if you want some more puppy cuteness!

Again, thank you sooo much for all your guys' patience while I've been away from my computer!!

Soooo much love!

Heather Lee


NARS Schiap

Hello loves,

A couple of days ago I posted up a haul over on my YouTube channel, you can watch that here if you missed it, and in that haul I talked about this bright lipstick that I had purchased from NARS. I picked up the shade Schiap which is described on the site as a semi-matte shocking pink... & I would say that is absolutely spot on!

What's even more impressive, is the formula and wear of this product. As the day went on after applying this for the first time, through eating and drinking, it dried down to a nice matte pink stain almost. It wore extremely evenly, didn't go patchy, and did no traveling on me, even though when I wore it it was a pretty hot day out!

Honestly, I love this formula, & I certainly plan on picking up more of these shades!

What do you think of this color, would you wear it?
Also, have you tried any of the other shades in this lipstick line that you'd recommend?

Thanks so much for reading, hope you're having a great morning!

Heather Lee


Collective Spring Haul | Target, M.A.C., Sephora

Yep, you read the title right, it's time for yet another haul video. Last week was a bit of a rough one so this past weekend I did do a bit of retail therapy. That being said, this should be the end of my crazy spree for a bit, and I'll definitely be back to hitting up my Rite Aid more than Sephora. ;)

I mentioned in the video the bit about my new rug, but I haven't quite talked about just HOW excited I am to have moved my beauty room to a different room in our house! Until we move/purchase a home, this is where most of my time will be spent when I am not at work! I am so obsessed with this room and couldn't be happier with the way it looks right now. Except for, maybe, the fact that filming has been a bit of a nightmare as it echos something fierce, but I've ordered an external mic for my camera which should be here sometime mid-next week!

Moving onto what some of you might just want to know, links to all the products mentioned!

So from start to finish, here you go:

Threshold Eyelash Shag Rug (6'6" x 10" in Cream)
Distressed American Flag Bandana
L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (NW20)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle
Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (Deauville)
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (Vanilla)
NARS Lipstick (Schiap)
Urban Decay Super-Saturated Ultra Intense Waterproof Creme Eyeliner
Nails Inc. Gel Effect Polish (Mayfair Lane)
Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm

Hope you all enjoyed this! Please let me know any of your thoughts in the comments, and be on the look out for more posts & videos this week!

Heather Lee


L'Oreal's Royalty Reinvented

Hello loves,

It's time for yet another nail polish review. I've currently placed myself on a nail polish buying ban... we shall see how effective that is. You know when you're told no it simply makes you want to do it more... right? Or is that just me? Anyways... moving on!

I cleaned out my nail polish a couple months back, gave a bunch to my sisters, tossed what they didn't want... & now I'm trying to re-discover some of my old favorites. Lilac polish's are something I never really cared much for until last spring/summer time, when I found this gorgeous color by L'Oreal. It is, for my pale skin tone, the PERFECT lilac. Some lilacs can come off a bit dark on me, but this color has the perfect light, bright lilac shade to it. What's better than the color, though, is the formula and the brush. L'Oreal quickly became one of my absolute favorite nail polish brands last year. They are by far, the easiest to apply in my opinion. This color only took 2 coats to be FULLY opaque, literally dried within 10 minutes per coat, and had none of that annoying pick up near the back of the nail bed when I put on a second coat. It's perfectly shiny on it's own, so if you don't have a top coat, don't worry, it will still look great. I did go ahead and top it off with butter LONDON's Hardwear PD Quick Topcoat though. Sine we've got new puppies to care for, I find myself washing my hands a hundred times in a day, so the extra help to seal the color in is a must for me at the moment!

Do you like lilac, or lavender, nail polish? Do you have a favorite? & furthermore, have you tried L'Oreal's nail polish's yet?

If you've tried these lovely polish's and can think of any other forumlas out there that apply just as easy, please let me know! (Even though I said I'm on a buying ban... it can't last forever... right? Right!)

Hope you're all having a LOVELY afternoon!

Heather Lee