Red Fever

Hello my loves,

Today, I give you, my new hair color!!! My eyebrow products are ALL kinds of wrong, of course, but ignore that bit if you can! I am so excited. I have always wanted red, red hair, & never have I been able to achieve it because I have always dyed my hair dark! I finally decided to do a bleach wash, and strip out the dark in my hair! By doing so I was able to achieve this vibrant, bright, true RED. No purple, no burgundy, just red. I am so in love! I plan on keeping my hair this color for a very long time. I couldn't possibly love it more! It's going to be a task to get used to managing red hair, but I've already stocked up on dry shampoo and plan on keeping the heat to a minimum, but I truly am just so stoked that I had to share this with you right away. So I apologize for the lack of good photos of it, but I HAD to get it posted before I headed off to work!

I hope you love it as much as I do, because, I truly am smitten with my hair for the first time in a long time!

Much love,
Heather Lee


An Easter Beach Trip

Hello my loves,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter Sunday. I decided that since my family always goes to a family friends house, and that's an hour plus drive for me, I'd do something different this year and make a day trip out to one of my favorite places in all of Washington with one of my girl friends. We headed out to Rosario Beach, located just before Deception Pass, and wandered around enjoying the views and catching up on life. It was a beautiful gray Washington day, though a bit windy and cold. We found a gorgeous little red succulent that my friend took home to keep alive, and afterwards I introduced my friend to her first ever time at Pita Pit. All in all it was a truly great Easter Sunday before having to head into work for the night!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, doing whatever it is you decided to do this year!

We signed all of our paperwork and are hoping to hear back on a pre-approval soon so fingers are crossed, & prayers are being said! We found one heck of a little fixer upper in our area (I mean, the bathroom floor is completely missing you guys) that for some reason we are both totally in love with, so we're really praying that all will work out in the end!

Hope you're having a great Monday! I'll be back this week with a couple more fun posts so keep your eyes peeled!

Much love,
Heather Lee


My Everyday "No Make Up" Make Up

Good afternoon my loves.

I wanted to post today even though I'm crazy busy packing away our entire life in this home we've been in the last year plus. I took a break from the crazy and went to the gym, then decided to come home to shower & get ready to meet with our home lending agent. I decided it would be best not to smell of sweat meeting her, so I did what I do most every single day, my easy no make up make-up.

It's simple really. All you need is:

  • Your favorite dewy finish foundation, for the day to day I use L'Oreal True Match Lumi foundation in N 1-2.
  • Your favorite brow product, for simple brows I use the Hourglass Arch Sculpting Pencil in Blonde, with a little matte brown shadow run over that to lock it in place.
  • A light, airy pink blush. I like to use Smashbox's Blush Rush in Flush.
  • Some lengthening mascara that works well with your lashes. I use L'Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara in Blackest Black.
  • Last but not least, a nice light lip color. For me, that usually means my go to MAC lipstick in Hue.
What about you, do you like to look polished up a bit when you've got a thousand things on your to do list?

Hope you've enjoyed this post! I'm off to pack more boxes and to leave soon to meet with our lender!

Much love,
Heather Lee


Motivational Mondays: We're Just Gonna Keep Having Faith

It seems that this year is just going to continue to be a year that pushes & shapes us. I was so stoked to finish up my girly room, start getting back into fashion and a good beauty routine... & what do you know. This past week we get a letter from a real estate agent informing us that our landlords have decided to sell the home we've been in for the last year or two. Well ok then! So it looks like we've got some serious changes ahead for us. We're going to be speaking with some lenders, and start the process of looking into purchasing our first home. It's all just pretty crazy and very unexpected! So we're just going to hope, pray, and have faith that this is just what we needed to take the next big step. I'd like to bring you guys along with me in this process. We've both got drastically different wants in our first home, so it will be interesting to see where our happy medium lies. I currently want an old home with great bones that we could remodel together, the dear boyfriend wants land and no neighbors. So we will just have to wait and see. It's our first home, and we're very aware it's probably not our forever home, so we're fine finding the best of both worlds in our forever home. Ahh. My head is spinning, my house is a mess, we have a ton of things to pack and a ton of things to Goodwill, and then we've got to me with the agent who's selling our current residence to set up times to show it since he can't just bring strangers in while we're gone with 3 pitbulls in the house. Pretty hectic stuff. Wish us luck!!! If my posts are sporadic, as you all know, I do apologize, but this is a big step and it might take up a lot of my mental & physical strength to get through it!

Much love,
Heather Lee


Motivational Mondays & A New Routine

Sitting in the sun room with the dogs, drinking my iced mocha, and listening to Frozen in the background, I can't help but be fully in love with my morning right now. Not only is it Monday and the start of a new week, it's also the start of a new routine in my life. As of yesterday, we no longer have roommates in our home, and as of today, my babe starts a new job. Which means, I get my mornings/afternoons to myself in the house, well, myself and the dogs. I couldn't be more excited. The part that bums me out, is that I'll be having to go to the gym solo in the mornings, but, that's ok. I can live with that. I can also, finally have a quiet house to start filming, have some alone time to focus on my writing, and get organized. All in all, I think that these changes are going to be great for us! Not seeing my man 3 nights a week is healthy for our relationship too. We talk on the phone or through messages every day, but a little bit of absence is good at keeping us missing each other and looking forward to the time we get together. Which after a year and a half, I'm really glad that we can't get through a day without needing to say hi, or I love you, before noon. Life was rough the last 5 months with the babe not working, but we're both extremely excited for all the changes that this new chapter is going to bring. Bring on a good schedule & extra money in the bank so I can get back to my passion of decorating the home and trying out products for the blog.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Do any of you have any plans for a new routine any time soon?
Do you look forward to it or dread it?

Much love,
Heather Lee